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Protection and Cleaning services in your home for your
Upholstered furniture, Leather furniture, Carpets and Rugs.

Safety measures during COVID-19

In Home Service takes steps to keep our customers and our staff safe

Personal Protective Equipment:

Our service technicians all wear disposable gloves, face masks and shoe covers for service calls.

Disinfecting Equipment:

Technicians clean all equipment after each service call using disinfectant.

Social Distance:

When our technician arrives at your home, he will maintain social distancing practices. He won't shake hands, or ask you to sign any paperwork.

Give Extra Space for Safety:

Please stand in another room while the technician is performing his work.

Safety First. If you or anyone in your home is showing symptoms, please cancel your appointment.

Relax...You've got it covered

In Home Service can help keep all your home furnishings looking showroom new for as long as you own them with our MagiSeal protection products and professional cleaning services. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find a solution that meets your needs and your budget. We offer convenient daytime, evening and weekend appointments with our certified service technicians.

MagiSeal Fabric Protection

Protective coating that helps prevent common household spills from becoming permanent stains. Fabrics protected with MagiSeal have improved water-resistance and oil-resistance. In fact, most liquid spills simply bead-up on the surface of the fabric, where you can wipe them up, without a trace. MagiSeal allows for a quick and easy cleanup.   How it works ?  

MagiSeal Leather Care

MagiSeal Leather Care is a professionally hand-applied treatment for leather furniture that provides two main benefits; by maintaining the proper moisture level it prevents leather from drying out due to premature moisture loss (which can lead to cracking and splitting) and it also creates a protective barrier against common household spills and stains.  How it works ?  

MagiSeal Carpet and Rug Protection

Today's carpet and rug fibers resist soiling and stains, but that doesn't mean they are stain-proof. Soil and stains cling to fibers and quickly become ground in. MagiSeal keeps soil from bonding to carpets and rugs by forming an invisible protective barrier around each carpet fiber, making cleanup and spot-removal easier.  How it works ?  

Wooden Furniture Care

Wood displays a look like no other type of furnishing. In order to preserve the look of your wood, it is important to regularly maintain wood furnishing by dusting and polishing the surface. Common problems that arise on wood furnishings are scratching, scuffing, spills and water or heat marks or rings. In the event of a spill, it is important to take action as quickly as possible. Using a damp cloth, rub with the grain of the wood and avoid applying too much pressure with the cloth so that the stain is driven into the wood.  How it works ?  

We offer full cleaning services of fabric upholstery, leather furniture, carpets and rugs, as well as mattress cleaning.

Fabric Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning is a specialized service that requires the right tools, techniques and experience to perform properly. When done right, professional cleaning will help restore the original look and feel of your fabric furniture by removing ground in soil and eliminating stains. Professional cleaning will also improve the health of your home environment by removing dust and atmospheric soil that becomes trapped in fabrics.  How it's done ?  

Leather Furniture Cleaning

Professional cleaning is the best way to maintain the appearance of your leather furniture. Soil transfer from clothes, pets and newspaper can build up on the surface, making it appear dull. Also, sources of light and heat (such as fireplaces or sunlight) can have a drying effect on leather furniture, causing your leather to feel stiff. Professional cleaning of your fine leather furniture will remove soil and free clogged pores. The final step in the cleaning process is a hand-applied coating of leather conditioner, which will help to restore your leather's soft, luxurious feel by replenishing lost moisture.  How it's done ?  

Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning is performed away from your home in our rug cleaning plant. The cleaning process is gentle enough to use on even the most delicate hand-woven rugs, yet strong enough to remove soiling ground deep into the rug fibers. The entire process is done by hand and gentle mechanical brushing, using 100% fresh water and a mild pH balanced detergent. Professional cleaning will help improve the appearance rugs by removing stains, eliminating pet odours and extracting ground in soil.  How it's done ?  

Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning enhances the beauty of your home, and helps promote a healthy, dust-free environment. The dry soil found in carpets causes light to reflect differently, and give carpets a dull appearance. Professional carpet cleaning can help to restore the appearance of your wall-to-wall carpeting or broadloom by extracting ground in soil, removing spots and stains, and eliminating pet odors.  How it's done ?  

Mattress Cleaning

Professional cleaning of mattresses will help to keep them free of mould, bacteria, allergens and other organisms living in mattresses. Our low-moisture, high- pressure system has mattresses clean and dry in the same day.  How it's done ?  

Leather Repair

Accidents happen. Your leather furniture may be strong and durable, but it is subject to accidental rips, burns, tears and punctures that need to be repaired. Our professional Leather Repair Technicians can correct any surface damage, whether accidental or due to long-term usage.   How it's done ?  

Carpet and Rug Repair Service

We are one of very few companies in Canada with expertise in this area. Many fine antique rugs have been brought to our restoration department over the years and all, according to their different situations, have received the care they deserve. However, your rug does not have to be a priceless heirloom or an antique to receive the same attention.

Wooden Furniture Repair

Your fine wood furniture goes through a lot, especially when in a high traffic area of the home. Gouges, dents and liquid marks and rings can occur after periods of use. Our professional Wood Furniture Repair Technicians can correct those marks, and refinish your wood furniture back to its original beauty.


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